Lesson 2. Why won’t my child listen to me?

In this lesson, you will learn the various ineffective “roles” that parents take on and what children learn from each of these roles. You will be able to identify the roles that best match your parenting, and learn new strategies to reduce these ineffective roles.

  • Well-meaning, ineffective “roles” do not promote positive behavior change and fail to promote responsibility in a child.
  • What children learn from these ineffective parental responses often supports their obnoxious and abusive behavior.
  • Identifying specific ineffective parental roles can help parents begin the steps toward positive change.
  • Specific strategies are effective in helping the parent step out of these ineffective roles.
  • Practicing these more effective strategies is an important first step in creating change.


1-Ineffective parenting roles









4-Bottomless pockets



5-Ticket puncher












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